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What to Ask in a Job Interview

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Take the “Me” out of Your Questions. … Avoid Questions with Obvious Answers. … Avoid Explanations. … Avoid Questions That can be Answered with “Yes” or “No” … Training and Development. … Company Culture. … Interview Performance. … Qualities, Responsibilities and Expectations for Role…

How to Write a Killer Job Advert

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1. Use a killer job title. 2. Add an emotive introduction. 3. Tell your company story. 4. Really sell the position. 5. Push your location. 6. Repeat why they should apply. 7. Spell out the application process. 8. Have other people read it. 9. Improve your email responses.

How to Keep Candidates Engaged

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Here are our top tips to keep candidates engagedthroughout your recruitment process and stop them slipping through the net. Treat your candidates like customers. … Keep up the communication. … Sell yourself as an employer

8 Biggest Recruitment Challenges

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1. Attracting the right candidates 2. Engaging qualified candidates 3. Hiring fast 4. Using data-driven recruitment 5. Building a strong employer brand 6. Ensuring a good candidate experience 7. Recruiting fairly 8. Creating an efficient recruiting process

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